A discussion on war and freedom

Thus, it examined the Civil War era, not just the war, as it combined the social, military and political events of the period within a single narrative framework. Historian Hugh Broganreviewing the book, commends McPherson for initially describing "the republic at midcentury" as "a divided society, certainly, and a violent one, but not one in which so appalling a phenomenon as civil war is likely.

A discussion on war and freedom

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Tue, Nov 20, 6: Join these celebrated thinkers for a conversation about abolition and a pivotal era in American history. Remembering the 70s and 80s: A Bygone Brooklyn Wed, Nov 28, 6: Photographs,tell the story of a gritty borough all but lost today.

Racioppo is joined by two who remember: Resisting the Suburbanization of the City Thu, Nov 29, 6: Pictured clockwise from top: He works with individuals and communities that range from veterans to gangs. Shaun Leonardo uses participatory performance to similarly explore vulnerability, power, and loss.

In an evening that includes both demonstration and discussion, these two innovators explore their cutting-edge work and the power of performance to confront social issues. Spend the evening listening to a curated selection of interviews which together paint a first-hand picture of how Muslims have both shaped and been shaped by life in Brooklyn.

From ship fitters and soldiers, to profiteers and pacifists, Strausbaugh shares the story of how this costly conflict played out on the streets of New York, and how its consequences paved the way for the city to become the global capital it is today.

A discussion on war and freedom

End your excursion at BHS, where you'll receive free admission and a behind-the-scenes look at our magnificent building. No refunds are provided after that point. This means no refunds are provided on the day of the event and all subsequent days.Nov 13,  · Redirect Count: Brother against Brother: The Drawing of the Sword From the first clash at Manassas to the epic confrontation between Lee and Grant, the Brother Against Brother series will bring new levels of historical detail and realism to the battles of the Civil War.

A discussion on war and freedom

National Press Club Washington, D.C. A discussion with: Jean Bethke Elshtain, Professor, University of Chicago and Co-chair, Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Liberty and Power: A Dialogue on Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy

and open discussion is put to its most severe test. It is not surprising, therefore, that throughout our history periods of war tension have . Division of Education Programs. Summer Seminars and Institutes. Summer Institute for College Teachers: American Material Culture in Nineteenth-Century New York.

The perpetual war, to end all peace - documenting the machinations of the world's most evil men

Improving Cooperation. Promoting Freedom from Fear. The Forum’s mission is to encourage discussion, development, and dissemination of ideas that will free humanity from the fear of terrorism and war. One goal of the Faces of Freedom initiative is to provide forums for frank, honest and respectful conversation and critical thinking about freedom and slavery, in which audience members and participants in the lecture, book, and film discussions will be invited to reflect on some common questions expressed by the discussion leader at each of the .

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