A personal story on losing a driving license

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A personal story on losing a driving license

A personal story on losing a driving license

December 13, by editor 40 Comments Last updated: August 16, Cell phone, texting update: Milo Smith targeted handheld cell phone use with his House Bill of The state currently bars adults from texting while driving, but not talking on cell phones.

The court ruled in February that a traffic stop for texting was illegal because the law was so vague. Indiana was the 32nd state to ban texting while behind the wheel. Text messaging prohibited for all drivers while vehicle is in motion.

Drivers under the age of 18 may not use cell phones, text messaging devices or other wireless telecommunications devices. Distracted driving legislation Would require use of hands-free accessory to use cell phone while driving in Indiana.

Smith Senate Bill Would outlaw driving a vehicle while holding an animal in lap or arms. Kruse Distracted driving notes The legislator says handheld cell phone use and video conferencing probably should be prohibited. These functions permitted only for drivers at least 21 years of age.

All other uses prohibited. Miller distracted driving notes: Pete Miller tried a new approach with his distracted driving bill for It would have allowed adult drivers to use their communications devices for phone calls, as GPS units, and for seeking information on gas stations.

No other uses would be permitted, including texting. Miller also tried for a handheld cell phone ban inbut found little support among lawmakers. Would require use of hands-free or voice-operated modes when making or receiving phone calls while driving.

Miller House Bill Would outlaw handheld use of cell phones for making or receiving calls while driving. Same as SBabove. Smith distracted driving notes: In the House, state Rep. Milo Smith has the companion bill.

Only tickets were written inbarely up from inthe Indiana Criminal Justice Institute says. No distracted driving legislation was under consideration in Merritt told Fox59 in May that he planned to do some polling on the issue.

I would hate to see that happen. Cell phone use was linked to crashes ina decline from the year before. The number of overall distracted driving-related crashes increased in Indiana, however, officials said.

No distracted driving legislation was under consideration by the Indiana General Assembly in Hands free and voice activated OK. Would bar police from downloading information from a cell phone in relation to a violation of the state law against text messaging and driving.

Waltz distracted driving notes: Traffic deaths in the northeast part of the state were on the rise in the first half of A crackdown is set for the northeast part of the state, according to reports June 21, The police are targeting text messaging, weaving and drowsy drivers.

In Indianapolis, only five tickets were written over that month period, according to local reports. Seeks to ban phone calling and text messaging by drivers using handheld electronic devices.The Driving Fear Program - Overcome Your Anxiety While Driving Today!

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A personal story on losing a driving license
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