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It mainly deals with the investment, trade and logistics services of mineral resources, efforts to build service platform of resources investment, trade and comprehensive logistics for iron and steel and other fields. Baosteel Resources Singapore Limited was formally established in

Baosteel group

Shanghai Baosteel is China's leading steel producer: Inthe company's annual output topped 20 million tons, and the company expects to double that by As such, the company dominates the Chinese steel industrycontrolling some 10 percent of the total market, and ranks among the world's top steel producers.

Shanghai Baosteel focuses on the production of steel plate and steel tubing. The company produces high-grade steel for the automobile, shipbuilding, pipeline, household appliance, and other sectors, primarily for the domestic market.

Shanghai Baosteel has begun investing in developing new steel production technologies, in part in an effort to win a greater share of the international automobile market. The company is a major supplier to international automakers such as Fiat. Other companies in the group include Baosteel Shanghai No.

Shanghai Baosteel also has interests in mining, particularly coal miningboth in China and abroad. Founding a Modern Steel Giant in the s Prior to the early s, China's iron and steel industry remained undeveloped in large part, with very few plants in operation.

The first and only modern steel plant had been built by the Japanese in Anshan soon after World War Iand this complex eventually featured nine blast furnaces. Yet total production never topped one million tons. The Anshan complex was mostly destroyed during World War IIand again during the Chinese civil war, and its equipment and machinery were appropriated by the departing Soviets.

With the creation of the People's Republic of China, the country made a new effort to develop an industrial infrastructure. The central government began investing in the construction of new steel plants, for the most part based on Soviet designs and technology.

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The Anshan complex was rebuilt, and eventually reached a total output of seven million tons. Another large facility was built at Wuhan in the early s. Many small, but modern, steel plants were constructed during this period.

At the same time, many local and regional governments began installing a large number of so-called "backyard" furnaces for the production of pig iron. The period launched by the Great Leap Forward saw a dramatic increase in the country's steel output.

The Chinese steel industry collapsed again into the s, in part because the overworking of the country's larger furnaces forced them to be shut down. Byproduction had dropped to half of its total from the year before.

The government began an effort to centralize control of the steel industry, shutting down many of the smaller plants and importing new technology from AustriaJapanand elsewhere.

The steel industry remained linked to the political situation in the country, with output rising in periods of relative stability, such as the early s, and dropping back during crisis times such as the Cultural Revolution in the late s and the political battles of the post-Mao era.

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Nonetheless, steel remained an essential component of China's effort to modernize its industrial and economic infrastructure. Bythe country's total output topped 34 million tons.

Into the s, the country boasted 13 plants capable of producing more than one million tons annually. In addition, some small-scale plants remained in operation.

The Chinese government began instituting economic reforms at the end of the s in an effort to move beyond the disastrous policies of the Great Leap Forward era. Steel continued to play a central role in the government's plans. At the end of the s, the government set a total domestic production target of 80 million tons per year to be reached by the end of the s.

For the most part, the government sought to refurbish and modernize its existing plants, including an effort to improve fuel efficiency at the predominantly coal-burning sites.


Yet the new reform era, which, under Deng Xiaopingbegan opening the Chinese economy to the foreign market in the late s, also called for the creation of a new, large-scale integrated steel works at Baoshan, near the Shanghai port.

The project was developed in close collaboration with the Japanese; indeed, the site was meant to be an exact copy of an existing plant in Kimitsu, operated by Nippon Steel.

That plant was considered at the time to be the world's most modern steel facility.

Methodology The start-up of the lines will be in summer Baosteel is building a new cold rolling mill to Zhanjiang City.
China Baowu Steel Group - Wikipedia China Baowu is a pilot enterprise of state-owned capital investment companies with a registered capital of RMB

Construction on the new site, which later boasted a total output of 20 million tons, began in Baosteel Group Permission (Reusing this file) See below. Licensing Edit. This image or logo only consists of typefaces, individual words, slogans, or simple geometric shapes. These are not eligible for copyright alone because they are not original enough, and .

Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation engages in the production and sale of steel in China and internationally.

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About us. Baosteel Group Corporation is a legally incorporated state-owned sole corporation and is the most competitive steel complex in China, ranked No.

th in Fortune Global Besides, Baosteel Europe also has three subsidiaries: Baosteel Italia Distribution Center S.P.A. in Italy, Baosteel Middle East FZE in UAE and Baosteel Espana S.L. in Spain. Baosteel Europe GmbH is also responsible for coordination of relevant business activities and affairs of Baowu Group in the area of Europe, Africa & Middle East.

Baosteel BAC is the first meeting after the consolidation and restructuring of Baosteel Group Corporation and Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Corporation.

Baosteel group

The theme of the conference is “Green Steel,Smart Manufacturing”, the plenary lectures will focus on the restructuring and transformation of the steel industry, the application of. (Adds separate official under investigation) SHANGHAI, March 31 (Reuters) - A top executive of China’s Baosteel Group, the parent of Baoshan Iron & Steel, is being investigated for “serious.

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