Bridge failure

Bridges in AmsterdamNetherlands The simplest type of a bridge is stepping stonesso this may have been one of the earliest types. Neolithic people also built a form of a boardwalk across marshes, of which the Sweet Trackand the Post Track are examples from England, that are around years old. Some of the first man-made bridges with significant span were probably intentionally felled trees. On April 6,the reconstructed wooden footbridge was opened, being the longest wooden bridge in Switzerland.

Bridge failure

Order Reprint of this Story May 07, The cracks were found in late February at the base of a diagonal support member at the north end of the span. Independent engineers have identified that as the point where the structure shattered on March 15 while under construction, sending the ton bridge crashing onto the roadway below and claiming six lives.

Outside experts have zeroed in on that truss memberidentified in plans as No.


No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do. They said the cracks should have prompted work on the bridge to stop for an in-depth review that likely would have resulted in the truss connection being re-engineered and significantly reinforced.

By A third engineer consulted by the Herald concurred with the first two but asked not to be named. A fourth bridge engineer, Ralph Verrastro of Naples, said the cracks did not appear significant to him. The Herald has sued to obtain subsequent records related to the bridge collapse.

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The bridge collapse is also the subject of a Miami-Dade police homicide investigation and families of some of the victims have filed lawsuits.

After the Herald contacted FIU for comment on the cracks, Isicoff demanded reporters delete any copies of the documents from their computers. The cracks documented in the Feb. The cracks thus could have been a sign of shearing pressure — a sideways stress — that the No. Both Beck and Howell, echoing other outside engineers who have analyzed publicly available blueprints, records, photos and videos, believe the connection between the No.

All the engineers emphasize that a clear-cut cause for the collapse may not be established until the NTSB publishes its conclusions, and that their analysis could change based on new information.

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Ten days after the Feb. Pedro Portal pportal miamiherald. In fact, some minor cracking was discovered even earlier, other released records show, but dismissed as inconsequential — a conclusion the independent engineers agree with.

Bridge failure

But three days after the bridge was lifted into place, Pate called an FDOT official to report that cracking had been found at the north end of the bridgerecords released by the agency immediately after the collapse show. In a recorded phone message, Pate said the cracks did not represent a safety hazard but should be repaired.

The cracks might have become worse after the bridge was moved and set in place, resting atop a pylon at either end. That would especially be the case if the No. Early morning view of the main span of the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Pedestrian Bridge as it was lifted from its temporary supports, rotated 90 degrees across an eight-lane thoroughfare and lowered into its permanent By The cracks were discussed at a meeting of project team members the morning of the collapse, though no safety concerns were raised, FDOT said.

Whether the crews were tightening or loosening the rods has not been disclosed, but could be critical in explaining the cause of the collapse. Because the truss-type design of the bridge means there is no redundant support, the failure of a single structural piece can bring the entire overpass down under its own weightexperts say.

One early report, by U. Marco Rubio, had the crews tightening the rods in an effort to close the cracks, leading to speculation that over-tightening could have caused the truss to shatter. But other experts, citing released bridge plans, say they were more likely loosening the rods.

The rods were apparently a modification to the plans, added to the bridge design after FDOT asked FIU to move the entire bridge 11 feet north to accommodate a future lane for transit. The move forced a change in the carefully calibrated plan for moving the bridge into place. It put the north end of the main span well off the edge of the roadway on a canal bank.

Because a transport machine could not traverse that roadway edge, the point where it would lift the structure was moved toward the center of the bridge. That means the end would sag when lifted. To prevent that, the rods were added to provide extra compressive support.

The rods were tightened before the bridge was lifted off the ground. The plans called for them to be loosened after the bridge was in place because that extra compression was no longer needed.The Mosquiito broker (server) can be configured to work as an MQTT bridge..

A bridge lets you connect two MQTT brokers together. They are generally used for sharing messages between systems.

The Tay Bridge Disaster - The Tay Bridge Disaster

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A pedestrian bridge at suburban Miami's Florida International University collapsed Thursday, reportedly leaving multiple people dead and causing 'mass casualties.'.

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