Canada s greatest hero

Share Shares 7K Canadians are typically seen as some of the most peaceful and non-confrontational people on the planet. But under this layer of politeness and goodwill, Canada has produced some of the fiercest and bravest soldiers the world has ever seen.

Canada s greatest hero

MacDonald were undeniably pivotal to the development of Canada, but our country is called a mosaic for a reason.

There have also been many minority activists, leaders and other groundbreakers who don't have the recognition that they, too, deserve. Some may be better known locally, but all have contributed to the building of our great nation.

Though the King proved as obstinate as federal and provincial leaders, Capilano's two-year effort to establish a mandate to represent all B. First Nations helped unite the the province'sindigenous peoples — leading to the first inter-tribal political organization three years later.

She became a successful entrepreneur in an era where that opportunity was nearly impossible for a black woman. Fortune became one of port town Annapolis Royal's " most notable and respected figures during the first half of the 19th century.

When her Canada s greatest hero Daurene Lewis became Annapolis Royal's mayor inshe kept the family's trailblazing spirit alive as Canada's first black female mayor. Human Rights Council never conducted an inquiry, but the issue became so big the university passed its own anti-gay discrimination policy, cementing Wilson's reputation as a pioneering gay rights activist.

His efforts continued until he died of AIDS in at age 42, leaving behind a legacy of change.

Canada s greatest hero

Rae Luckock - Twitter InRae Lockock became one of the two first women elected to Ontario's legislature, alongside Agnes Macphail, and served as the her party's education critic fighting for free university and equal pay for equal work.

An early environmentalist, she also championed a woman's right to work outside the home after the war. She served in office for a couple years but stayed politically active afterward, serving as president of the Housewives and Consumers Association HCAorganizing the "March of a Million Names" campaign in to fight price-fixing of goods like bread and return costs back to pre-war levels.

Luckock eventually became president of the Congress of Canadian Women. Inshe was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and spent the rest of her life in hospital. Joseph Wong at a news conference in Toronto on Monday April 11, Joseph Yu Kai Wong immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in to study medicine at McGill, but was prevented from doing so due to degree restrictions on foreign students.

He later got his medical degree in New York.

Medicare makes Canadians proud

So when he saw a racist segment on CTV news show W5 in called "Campus Giveaway," claiming Asian students were taking university spots away from white students, he became politicized. Wong not only led a successful Chinese-Canadian protest movement against CTV, he went on to become a leading advocate for human rights.

That same year he started an organization to help settle Vietnamese Boat People in Toronto. Sheila Watt-Cloutier - Present www. After studying education and human development at McGill, she went on to a career of activism for Inuit rights and environmental causes.

She began her career by working in hospitals as an Inuktitut translator and helping reform education and address land claims in Nunavik. Her book The Right to be Cold was released in In November , Canadians voted Terry Fox the second Greatest Canadian of all time.

In a national internet survey named him Canada's greatest hero. The Government of Canada initiated the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program on behalf of the Canadian people in recognition of the achievements of Terrance Stanley Fox.

Marvel's newest Canadian Super Hero, Snowguard, made her debut in last month's CHAMPIONS # Emerging from the frosty reaches of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Amka Aliyak unleashed her shape-shifting abilities when the teen team went north. Terry Fox was a great and honourable hero whom nobody can forget.

Terry was right when he said "Somewhere the hurting must stop " He said this to everybody and he wanted everybody to help the Cancer Society of Canada. (Please do help the Cancer Society of Canada). Canada's choice for the greatest Canadian is revealed in a live TV broadcast.

Forgotten Heroes: Canada and the Korean War; National Security. Dr. Gerald Bull: Scientist, Weapons Maker, Dreamer.

12,000 Canadians completed online survey

To Terry Fox, for what he has given to Canada and to the world. Hero: a person admired for great or noble deeds. When people think of a hero, their mind sways to dragon slayers, or handsome princes rescuing their princess from an evil witch or stepmother.

Canadians have handed the Harper government a Top 10 list of the country's greatest heroes, featuring some of the Conservative party's greatest adversaries, past and present.

Canada s greatest hero
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