Cold storage vs knitwear

A sustainable, renewable, biodegradable natural fibre with excellent performance characteristics it is ideally suited for both active and leisure wear: The lightweight yarn allows us to design garments which provide an excellent warmth to weight ratio, but without the bulk. During activity cashmere fibre offers both comfort and a range of movement unmatched by synthetic materials or heavier woollens.

Cold storage vs knitwear

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Cold storage vs knitwear

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Cold storage vs knitwear

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Abrasion Resistance - The degree by which a fabric is able to withstand loss of appearance through surface wear, rubbing, chafing, and other frictional actions.: Absorbency - The ability of a fabric to take in moisture.

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Absorbency is a very important property, which effects many other characteristics such as skin comfort, static build-up, shrinkage, stain removal, water repellency, and wrinkle. Most knitwear has to be thin enough to go under the jacket, or thick enough to replace it. Simon. you’ll find your more traditional clothes spend longer in storage as you’ll be working more on your own and probably defaulting to what’s most comfortable and convenient.

I’m prone to catching a cold if I go with an open neck.

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