Comparing and contrasting the poems titanicand fate

R Puffling Patrol Why: I have chosen these two texts because they share the same genre and examine similar subject matter endangered bird species that pushes students beyond their personal experiences, while presenting the information in a different format, point of view, and structure. Key Ideas and Details: What causes Puerto Rican parrots and Westman Islands puffins to become endangered?

Comparing and contrasting the poems titanicand fate

Next Comparison In the exam, you will be required to write about several poems, some pre and some post To which poems would you compare Catrin?

There will be a number of ways in which the poems can be compared, and you may well be able to think of ones which we have not! Poet and poem What to look for in your comparison [comparison: A description of the similarities and differences between two things in this case, two texts.

Cold Knap Lake In both poems, life is magically brought forth Both contain conflict, but in Cold Knap Lake it is between the rescued girl and her parents, rather than between Clarke and her mother. Clarke portrays her mother as a heroine in Cold Knap Lake. We are not told Catrin's feelings for her mother when she forbids her to go skating, but she is unlikely to see her in such glowing terms!

The Song of the Old Mother Both poems deal with the conflict between generations.

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Do you think that the struggles that Catrin and Clarke have experienced together actually increased their love? Both are written from the mother's point of view. Catrin has a looser structure, while The Song is tightly structured.

What could this suggest? The Affliction of Margaret Both poems are from the mother's point of view and show that motherhood can be painful.

Comparing and contrasting the poems titanicand fate

Yet while Margaret laments because she does not know what has happened to her beloved Son; Clarke suffers because of the tension between her and Catrin.

Both compare the child they knew Margaret's the Young One with the grown child; both show their pride in their offspring. Margaret's son was among the prime in worth, Catrin has a rosy, Defiant glare.

There is a sense of mystery in Wordsworth's poem, as no one knows the fate of the son; we pity Margaret. We sense the warmth in Clarke's relationship with Catrin, however. Now try a Test Bite Page:I thought it was a poem relating the loss of the Titanic and Hardy's personal feelings and views about the event.

man didn't take into account for fate and destiny. pride. Hardy used "Pride of Life" to mean technology. as well as the millionaires. fate is personified as "The Spinner of the Years": and once fate .

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For instance, unlike the main character in “Sweat", this woman is not beaten or physically abused in any direct way, but she is smothered.

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The speaker in the poem laments about dreams not acted on. They are left in the background of the conscious to whither and die. Unrealized dreams have a shelf life like meat or eggs. They rot when they are not used. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have Dream" speech has a sense of urgency to it.


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