Essay on pakistani farmer

Introduction — The occupation of the villagers - Their social life — Their political life — How their life can be improved? Pakistan is a country of villages, and the majority of Pakistanis are villagers. Villages differ in different parts of Pakistan for the people of Pakistan belong to different races. But village life in some ways is much the same allover Pakistan.

Essay on pakistani farmer

Villages are different in diverse parts of Pakistan for the natives of Pakistan belong to diverse races.

Essay on pakistani farmer

However village life in some ways is much identical across the Pakistan. The villagers are almost every one farmer. They cultivate the soil, smooth the fields, sow the seeds, water the crops and harvest the yield.

The farmers are usually tenants of some zamindar, and give him rent.


And there are a village mistri who repair ploughs and carts, a cobbler who makes and repair shoes, potters, blacksmiths, and carpenters, every single one work at their shops. A Pakistani, farmer leads a simple, calm and happy life, His wants are little, and his only prosperity in his land.

If the harvest is fine, he rejoices, however when there is a draught, his crops fall short and he runs into debt. A villager is hard-working and painstaking. Village women are also very careful and help out men in their daily work.

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The villagers live in modest cottages. There are no softening roads in our villages. The rural community streets are thin. The winding lanes are swarming with animals and playing children. The houses are built relatively close together and are often adjoin to one another. A villager is incredibly traditional.

He knows no alteration. He is happy with running in the older grooves. What was superior for his associates contents him entirely.

He is a prey to different superstitions that sap his strength. Their social traditions, though sometimes completely absurd, die hard. The village inhabitants have two converse characteristics.

They are straightforward, kind and liberal. However they fall out with one another on the least reason. They sometimes get so much heated that in pleasure they commend murders.

They can barely be said to guide refined lives. They discern no culture. It is for the reason that they are not educated.Rains are very important to a farmer. Rain is essential for the growth of good crops.

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A farmer becomes happy if there is good rainfall. Also read: Short Essay on Life of a Farmer We need food to survive. Short essay on Pakistani Culture Advertisements: In northern Pakistan there exists the Dardic, Wakhi and Burusho communities, the west comprises of the Baluch and the Pakhtoon, in eastern Pakistan there are the Muhajir and the Makarani communities and lastly in .

The life of a farmer is very tough. He works very hard day and night in all seasons. During summer, he works under the heat of the sun.

During winter season, he gets wet while ploughing the field. General Categories Short Essays. Essays about general topics of school and college level. Ideal Teacher, The Street Beggar, Pakistani Juggler, A Pakistani Farmer, The Life of a Hawker, A Good Citizen, A Postman, Life of a Carpenter, A Sailor and His Life, The Gardner, An Ideal Student, The Snake Charmer, and others.

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Essay on pakistani farmer

- - Page 5. Pakistan is an agro based economy; the prosperity of the nation is dependent on the agricultural produce. Therefore the role of the Pakistani farmer is very essential as Pakistan is known to be a land for farmers.

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