Gonna write a letter song

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Gonna write a letter song

Shai had tweeted three days earlier that prayer and guidance would precede his reply. The unedited letter is below. We ask that you publish a portion and link back to this article. In that song, I referred to Paula White, among others, as a false teacher.

Therefore, this is not something that should be taken lightly. Before I directly address the substance of your open letter, I first want to commend you for a few things that encouraged me as I read it.

I was encouraged to read your confession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I loved hearing you affirm the blessed Trinity, the deity of Christ, His atoning sacrifice and salvation by grace through faith in Christ. Those truths are the foundation of my hope and joy.

False View of the Atonement

My soul leaps when I hear someone affirm these things as you did. I was encouraged to read of your obvious love for your mother. If someone said anything that I perceived as negative or untrue about gonna write a letter song mom, I would be the first to defend her.

As a son who dearly loves his own mom, I could identify with you. Thank you for setting a good example for sons out there in stepping up to defend your mother. I was encouraged to hear of your mother praying for your salvation, as well as teaching you the faith. Again, I can relate.

I myself am the result of a praying mother. In fact, I once told my mom that I would never become a Christian. Even as I entered adulthood while continuing in rebellion against God, she never stopped praying for me.

So I was glad to hear you mention what you did about your mother.

gonna write a letter song

The song was about the false doctrine that Paula White and others have publicly taught for many years and continue to teach. Speaking of public teaching, you mentioned Matthew The irony, of course, is that you made this claim in a letter that is open for the public to read without contacting me privately first.

Why did you choose to go about things in this way? Is it because I came out and said something about Paula White publicly and therefore you felt it deserved a public response? I want to address a few of the false teachings themselves.

False View of the Atonement Paula White did a series called 8 Promises of the Atonement, that at the time of my writing this, is currently featured on your ministry website.

In it, she states that physical healing and financial abundance in this life are provided for in the atonement of Christ. See the following video at the But then she goes even further. If you keep listening, she talks about commanding her body not to be sick because of the blood of Christ.

She ends this section by boldly declaring around She has no idea how those people are going to die. The truth is that Christians do get sick. As He says in Deut.

God sovereignly determines when we live and when we die. And if He appoints or allows a sickness to take our lives, it is because His infinite wisdom determined that it be so.

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