Google case ethical principle

Transparency Our Principles and Standards of Business Conduct At Google, we believe it is important to have a voice in the political process to ensure the Internet remains a powerful engine for growth and innovation. Our engagement with policymakers and regulators is guided by a commitment to ensuring our participation is always open, transparent and clear to our users, shareholders, and the public. Public Policy Engagement We believe in the empowering and democratizing effect of putting information in the hands of everyone, everywhere.

Google case ethical principle

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Ethical Principle It is rather difficult to talk about ethics as it involves different point of view based on different moral standards one has and based on different ethical principles one uses.

This Google China-cases mostly talks about the ethical dilemma faced by the company, whether it should obey the local law or put its global ethical standards as its best interest. Obeying the local law will push them to do self-censoring, which then raise many criticism internationally.

We will write a custom essay sample on Google Case: It has been explained before that China has an totalitarian political system contrasts with the Western culture which supports civil rights and liberties. So, based on this theory, doing self-censoring may be considered as ethical. The restriction from the Chinese government regarding some sensitive political themes may be recognized by some international people as denying the human rights.

Here, based on the rights theories, human beings have fundamental rights which establish a minimum level of morally acceptable behavior. Because of the censoring, Chinese people lose their freedom of speech, especially less freedom in receiving information. However, it is part of their law and political system, which should be accepted by every company who wants to conduct business in China.

Google case ethical principle

Some Chinese people have accustomed with the censorship, not consider it as violating human rights, and support it for the sake of the nation. It holds that the moral worth of actions is determined by their consequences.

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An action will be judged as ethical and desirable if the balance of best consequences are over the bad consequences. What are the benefits and the costs should be measured carefully by Google.

It also raised ethical awareness by making its users aware that some results were omitted, thus also put pressure on the other companies to do the same. In addition, it is better to give Chinese users access to information, than to none at all.

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Those practical and ethical benefits combined with the increasing profit has been considered by Google as outweighing the negative effects of censorship. After months criticism, Google shut down its Google. It tried to regain its integrity and to protests implicitly the censorship in China.

It made greater harm for the company. In my opinion, China has different culture and law that should be considered before a company conduct business there.

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Each company should obey the rules in which it is operating. Censoring is considered as denying human rights in many parts of the world — especially USA, but in China it should be done in order to gain greater advantages for the whole nation.

That is why, considering the condition and all the consequences, it is better for Google to leave China. It means that the companies have the duty to commit only those actions which could be universally applied. It can be demonstrated by the question: The answer is there will be unbeatable suppression of rights of freedom of speech and information.

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On the opposite question, the multinational corporations may influence the societal change and perhaps will improve the level of freedom of speech in China.As for Google’s ethical impact in a wider context, the company’s green credentials include cooling their power-hungry data centres, running a free bus service for employees and encouraging them to drive electric cars, with hundreds of chargers on-site.

Incorporate privacy design principles. We will incorporate our privacy principles in the development and use of our AI technologies. We will give opportunity for notice and consent, encourage architectures with privacy safeguards, and provide appropriate transparency and control over the use of data.

ETHICAL PRINCIPLES It is rather difficult to talk about ethics as it involves different point of view based on different moral standards one has and based on different ethical principles one uses. Jun 26,  · Ethical theories in business are important for everyone, business owners and customers and everyone else in between.

Some ethical theories include sense of duty, business self-interest, and.

Google case ethical principle

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Google's Mission, Ethical Principles and Involvement in China Case Study