How to write an interior design blog

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How to write an interior design blog

That sounds so fun! Can you decorate my house one day? So you would be able to tell me what kind of curtains to put up and stuff like that?

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I love watching HGTV! People go to college for that? It seems as if everyone has an opinion about interior design but few truly understand what it involves. So, what IS interior design? In order to understand what interior design is, we must understand what interior design is NOT.

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A decorator can begin a career of decorating for clients at any point even without schooling. I doubt that someone will care that the furniture looks great with the flooring if the space is designed in a way that makes particular tasks difficult and inconvenient.

For example, have you ever been in a restroom where it is difficult to exit the stall because of the way the door swings?

Have you ever been in a theater and could not hear your movie over what was playing in the room next to you? When you have a space that is designed in a way that makes tasks more difficult, or uncomfortable, this is frustrating and ultimately a sign that a designer did not consider functionality in certain aspects of the design.


There are way more design factors to consider when it comes to constructing a building but ultimately, interior design is about architecture and functionality more than it is decorating.I am an FCS teacher with an Interior Design class.

We started our semester by reading this article and each student responded to whether or not this description of Interior Design . 4 Interior Design Blogs I wish You would Write 11/28/ You know what they say, if you want to have a blog that people will read, you need to write passionately about .

Amber Lewis’s interior design blog takes you inside the creative workings of her Los Angeles–based studio.

how to write an interior design blog

Keep an eye on this website for an industry insider’s point of view and interior images that convey Lewis’s modern bohemian aesthetic (hello, textile heaven). Westchester County NY interior Designer Laurel Bern shares decorating tips in her inspiring interior design blog, laurel home.

Contact: The career of an interior design and lifestyle blogger can look incredibly glamorous through the filter of Instagram, but behind every successful business and following is a lot of hard work and dedication.

Badass interior design blog post ideas that will get people hot and bothered to comment, share and fall in love with you. There's lots of ways to blog. And while you could just share images of your pretty designs there's something to be said for writing content rich interior design blog posts.

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