Justifying the war in afghanistan

Thursday, Dick Cheney spoke in Springfield, MO before a convention of military veterans about the glories of the Iraq war. Casting the war in Iraq as a battle in the same great tradition as the Revolutionary War -- and as a natural response to the Sept. This nation will always be grateful to them, and we will honor their sacrifice by completing our mission.

Justifying the war in afghanistan

Let's begin with a simple definition: The burdens are also quite clear; my opponent has the burden of proving that the war is currently justified, and my burden is, obviously, to prove otherwise. To get this debate going, I'll offer 3 arguments to begin with.

Commentators Respond to Rehman Justifying War in Afghanistan. Justifying the War in Afghanistan Before arguing whether or not the war in Afghanistan was a just or unjust war, I am going to give some history about what was happening before or talks of war even began.4/4(1). IRAQ: Justifying the War. of Americans opposed the president’s request for $87 billion in additional funding for U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan; 46 percent said the United States.

I - The War in Afghanistan threatens to bring war with Pakistan. This is rather straightforward; currently, we are fighting our fair share of wars; we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, we've got troops deployed as peacekeepers in flash points all around the world, and tensions are on the rise with North Korea and Iran; add to this list, Pakistan.

Obama has released statements declaring that, 'if necessary', the war in the Middle East would also be extended into Pakistan [ http: This is further evidenced by the fact that, for some time, and quite recently, tensions have been developing between officials in Washington and those in Pakistan [ http: II - The War in Afghanistan increases security risks for other countries.

Many people look at this war from a strictly American perspective; and, as we are far overseas from Afghanistan, many of us like to think that the horrors of terrorism are too far away to bother us again; but, in this mistaken line of thought, we forget our European neighbors who gave us financial and military aid throughout the many years of the war, and the risks that they took in order to give us that aid.

However, after the effects of these wars not only Afghanistan, but as part of the snowball effect, Iraqand the aid to American, MI5 reported that the threat of terrorism had actually increased; as we can see, while American fights and expands its war in Afghanistan, it does so at the risk of its allies; and, these risks are very real: Thus, because our allies incurred unnecessary risk due to our involvement in the war, it cannot be justified.

While we think that we are safe, far from the shores of the Middle East, this is simply untrue [ http: Reported here, the Oxford group urged the United States to pursue more intricate security measures to deal with the possibility of future terrorist attack.

The US government itself actually released a statement in that report discussing how it was more, not less, likely that terrorist attacks could occur in places like New York, and that the war had actually been "counterproductive".

As you can see, the War in Afghanistan has actually compromised many of our security efforts, and has left us vulnerable to future terrorist attack. In fact, mere months ago, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reported that the chance of a terrorist attack on the United States was one of the top threats we face [ http: And, because our involvement in Afghanistan lead to other military struggles, the threat of terrorist activity against America is now even higher; and, as we know, putting American citizens in danger is not justified.

Justifying the War in Afghanistan - Essay

With these first three points in mind, I'll save a couple other arguments for the coming rounds, and I'll turn the debate over to the Pro at this time. Thank you for reading, and good luck, Pro. Report this Argument Pro I find the just war theory; a doctrine of military ethics can help us gauge what qualifies as a justified war in most circumstances.

The doctrine is of Roman philosophical and Catholic origin and has being widely used for thousands of years. Just cause is defined within the doctrine: The reason for going to war needs to be just and cannot therefore be solely for recapturing things taken or punishing people who have done wrong; innocent life must be in imminent danger and intervention must be to protect life.

Force may be used only in a truly just cause and solely for that purpose—correcting a suffered wrong is considered a right intention, while material gain or maintaining economies is not. I - I would first like to point out that your first point is an inaccurate one because of changes in Pakistan's change in policy towards the Taliban has changed drastically and now the Pakistani military is now beginning to target the that have taken refuge in South Waziristan where the Taliban and Al-Qeada, meaning there is now no need for the United States to become involved militarily with Pakistan.

However even before this change in policy the reason that the war threatened to spill over into Pakistan is because the Pakistani government refused to pull troops from its border with India and focus them on their border with Afghanistan [ http: Regardless of this fact the Pakistani government has begun acting on the advice of American and European countries and their use of diplomacy with India.

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The decision to target the by the Pakistani government is also due to the fact that just like the united states Pakistan is witnessing terrorist attacks being committed against their country because of the Taliban.

It would appear that the Washington and Pakistan in fact have a common enemy. II - It is true that the European countries are posed with a much greater threat then us in North America because of their vicinity to Afghanistan and other countries that support the Taliban and Al Qaeda, but the London bus attacks were in fact fueled by the then recent war in Iraq.

Justifying the war in afghanistan

And in recent months Al Qaeda has jump-started its campaign efforts indicating that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are ruining out of money which they need to carry out further terrorist attacks. III - The argument that the United States has become vulnerable to future attacks because of the war in Afghanistan is an inaccurate one, in recent months Al Qaeda has released video indicating that they are jump starting fund raising because their funds are diminishing, that combined with the fact that their safe havens in South Waziristan have put the Taliban and Al Qaeda in a very unfavorable position and has drastically diminished their ability to orchestrate organized terrorist attacks against the United States and Europe.IRAQ: Justifying the War.

of Americans opposed the president’s request for $87 billion in additional funding for U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan; 46 percent said the United States. The United States invasion of Afghanistan occurred after the September 11 attacks in late , supported by close allies.

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The conflict is also known as the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Its public aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda, and to deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power.

The United Kingdom was a key ally . THE CO-OPTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FEMINIST RHETORIC TO JUSTIFY THE WAR ON TERROR In justifying the intervention in Afghanistan George Bush and Tony Blair frequently cited the human rights abuses of the Taliban and invoked images of oppressed Afghan women.


Long-standing feminist campaigns that had championed . Justifying the War in Iraq, Take Casting the war in Iraq as a battle in the same great tradition as the Revolutionary War -- and as a natural response to the Sept.

11, , Afghanistan, and elsewhere to protect their fellow Americans from a savage enemy. They know that if we do not confront these evil men abroad, we will have to. to Women, Words and War: Explaining 9/11 and Justifying U.S. Military Action in Afghanistan and Iraq1 By Nancy W.

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