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Direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through independent sales representatives who are sometimes also referred to as consultants, distributors or other titles. Direct sellers are not employees of the company. Direct Selling Industry in India.?

Proyoung international business plan

The business model for a restaurant is significantly different from the business model for an online business for instance.

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To put together a good business model, you need to know the value proposition for the business. A value proposition is a straightforward statement of what a company offers in the form of goods or services that is of value to potential customers or clients, ideally in a way that differentiates the company from its competitors.

A business model should also include projected startup costs and sources of financing, the target customer base for the business, marketing strategy, competition, and projections of revenues and expenses.

One of the most common mistakes leading to the failure of business startups is a failure to project the necessary expenses to fund the business to the point of profitability, i.

If possible, a business model should include any possible plans for partnering with other existing businesses. An example of this would be an advertising business that aims to establish an arrangement for referrals to and from a printing company. Types of Business Models There are many different types of business models.

Direct sales, franchisingadvertising-based and brick-and-mortar are all traditional business models. Brought about by the internet, there is also a click-and-mortar business model, which combines a physical presence with an online presence. Even if two businesses operate within the same industry, they likely have different competitive advantages and disadvantages and, therefore, need different business models.

Think about the shaving industry. Gillette is happy to sell its Mach3 razor handle at cost, or even lower, because the company can go on to sell you the profitable razor refills over and over.

The business model rests on giving away the handle and making profits from a steady stream of high-margin razor blade sales. This type of business model is actually called the razor-razorblade modelbut it can apply to companies in any business that sell one good at a discount while the second dependent good is sold at a considerably higher price.

Companies that sell electric shavers have a different business model. Remington, for example, makes most of its money up front on the sale of the razor rather than from a stream of blade refill sales.

Comparing Business Models Successful businesses have developed business models that enable them to fulfill client needs at a competitive price and sustainable cost. Over time, circumstances change, and many businesses revise their business models frequently to reflect changing business environments and market demands.

Analysts use the metric gross profit as a way to compare the efficiency and effectiveness of business models. During the dotcom boom, analysts went in search of net income. They knew the internet was a disruptive technology with the ability to revolutionize certain industries, but where was the cash flow?

Instead of looking at net incomecalculated as gross profit minus operating expensesanalysts concentrated on gross profit alone.

If the gross profit was high enough, analysts theorized, the cash flow would come.

proyoung international business plan

A company can raise prices and it can find inventory at reduced costs. Both actions increase gross profit. Gross profit is often considered the first line of profitability because it only considers costs, not expenses.

proyoung international business plan

It focuses strictly on the way in which a company does business, not the efficiency of management. Investors that focus on business models are leaving room for an ineffective management team and believe the best business models can run themselves. As an example, assume there are two companies and both companies rent and sell movies.

After the advent of the internet, company B decides to offer movies online instead of renting or selling a physical copy. This change disrupts the business model in a positive way. The licensing fees do not change, but the cost of holding inventory is down considerably.

Assessing the Business Model So, how do you know whether a business model is any good? Because it includes companies that have suffered heavy losses in the past and even bankruptcythe airline industry is a good place to find a business model that stopped making sense.

For years, major carriers like American Airlines, Delta and Continental built their businesses around a "hub-and-spoke" structurein which all flights routed through a handful of major airports.Proyoung international Gopalganj: amazing cartoon.

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Proyoung Business Marketing Plan Training Sanjay Mehta PROYOUNG International strives to protect and safeguard health, one of life’s most important assets, and give everyone the opportunity to live a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle.4/5(33).

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