The reasons for going vegetarian

News 6 More Reasons to Go Vegan A plant-based diet helps you run faster, eat more, and reduce the possibility of certain cancers.

The reasons for going vegetarian

April 14, 19 Comments There are numerous paths that can lead a person to veganism, and it largely depends on their life experiences, interests, outlook on the world and the timing of when certain issues are brought to their attention. You can ask 10 different vegans and although you may find similarities in their stories, going vegan is a very personal decision and therefore all attempts to make sweeping generalizations are destined to fail.

Everyone non-vegans included think that they know why people go vegan and what vegans are supposed to be like. Here are 5 common reasons people go vegan: Health and Nutrition Many people who turn vegan are first drawn to it because they hear or read about the tremendous long-term health benefits of eliminating artery clogging and disease-accelerating animal products from their lives.

Some specifically turn to a plant-based diet to improve their health and well-being and eventually adopt the vegan lifestyle because of the numerous negative impacts of animal agriculture on animals and the planet.

As the impacts of accelerating climate change have become more widely known, the need for us to take steps to curb the destruction of our precious planet has become abundantly clear.

Industrialized animal farming is a huge factor that is contributing to environmental degradation and the facts are so compelling that anyone seeking to live a more sustainable or eco-friendly lifestyle cannot help but question the impact of their food choices on the environment.

Similar to those drawn in by the health argument for veganism, once people learn about industrialized animal farming and the horrific treatment of animals in factory farms, embracing the animal-free lifestyle beyond their plate becomes a logical next step. Morality Long before the health and environmental benefits were brought to the forefront of the argument in support of adopting a vegan lifestyle, people have been going vegan solely for moral reasons.

Anyone who admires or adores animals has probably at some point in their lives questioned whether there is any difference between the animals they care for and protect and those that we breed and kill for food.

Some of us find a way to justify this clear disconnect, citing physiological, historical, cultural and other reasons why we are meant to eat and use animals.

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While others realize that these amount to nothing but excuses and that the only sensible first step that anyone who loves animals can take is to not eat them. Social Justice Anyone who is opposed to injustice in the world, should pause and think about the fact that we breed and kill billions of animals on an annual basisjust so that we can eat them.

People who passionately believe that the world would be a much better place if we all learned to look past our differences and embrace the common ties that bind us will eventually have to confront the injustice we inflict on animals for our pleasure, convenience and entertainment.

If you oppose racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination based on class, sexual orientation, physical appearances or abilities, then veganism can be looked upon as a natural extension of the belief in equality.

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What this means is recognizing that animals do not exist solely for us to use them as a means to an end. However, many people turn to veganism because of a combination of all the above factors.

The reasons for going vegetarian

They turn to this lifestyle choice as the most meaningful step one can take against institutionalized systems of exploitation of living beings, to do something positive for their health, the environment and to live in a manner that reflects their ethics.

Veganism is a logical choice because it is good for us, for animals and the planet. Ultimately, the path you choose to get to veganism does not matter; what truly matters is you begin the journey and stay the course!

Related Want to read more posts like this? Sign up for our newsletter below!If the choice to go vegetarian happens on a whim without the proper understanding of food control, portion, and nutritionally dense alternatives you can find yourself reaching for vegetarian foods, which could cause serious problems down the road.

Going Vegetarian because "I am the change I want to see in the world" Vegetarian/Vegan Travel Blog - Ten reasons you should choose to go vegetarian/vegan.

1. Do it for the Animals.

The reasons for going vegetarian

2. Do it for your health.

Jun 05,  · 9 Reasons To Reject Vegetarianism. Morris M. June 5, Share 5K. Stumble Tweet. Pin 1 +1 Share 1. One of the big reasons for giving up meat is the devastating environmental impact of shipping, say, a chunk of dead cow halfway across the world. a huge amount of the vegetarian v. carnivore internet war comes down to. Going Vegetarian because "I am the change I want to see in the world" Vegetarian/Vegan Travel Blog - Ten reasons you should choose to go vegetarian/vegan. 1. Do it for the Animals. 2. Do it for your health. Going Vegetarian will help you lose weight. I have found going Vegetarian helps to lose weight, and not because we are starving ourselves. Although I can only speak for myself here, going Vegetarian is the best ‘diet’ I have been on.

Going vegan is a great opportunity to learn more about nutrition and cooking, and improve your diet. Getting your nutrients from plant foods allows more room in your diet for health-promoting options like whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables, which are packed full of beneficial fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Hi! I have been considering adopting a vegetarian diet for quite some time and was wondering what influenced each of you to adopt this type of.

There are plenty of great reasons to try a vegetarian diet: people who stop eating meat tend to lose weight, improve their mood, and boost their overa Going green isn't just good for the. For that reason I’ve included some tips and links at the end of each of the five reasons to help you make better choices as a vegetarian.

#1 Going vegetarian often leads to sugar addiction Due to the widespread myth of low-fat diets, most vegetarians in America are not getting enough fat.

Why Vegan? The Top Reasons