Write an article on corruption in nigeria images

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Write an article on corruption in nigeria images

The leaders pledged to help each other, but not once did the public statements following the summit mention the widespread corruption and poor governance that have contributed to the rise of Boko Haram. There is a strong link between corruption and insecurity.

This is borne out in academic research, specifically on Nigeria but also on other regions. Corruption in Nigeria Unfortunately, simply bringing in financial help and military hardware from around the world to help locate the missing girls is only a stop-gap measure for Nigeria: It was criticised for its lack of overall transparency and having no anti-corruption plan in place for the military, no training for personnel, and significant opaque off-budget military expenditure.

Best practice Defence corruption is not impossible to tackle. The Nigerian government must speak out against corruption and should invite civil society organisations to take part in developing an anti-corruption strategy.

The defence ministry should open itself up to oversight and publish the defence budget in full, including off-budget defence expenditure. The Office of the Auditor General for the Federation should have access to accounts of the intelligence services and other secret programmes.

In addition, stronger controls are needed to monitor procurement, which is cloaked in secrecy.

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Civil society organisations in Nigeria are calling for an immediate review of Nigerian defence spending and greater transparency in its efforts to confront Boko Haram.

The Nigerian defence forces should also focus on training their personnel on how to tackle corruption and they should ensure that the existing whistleblower protection laws are enforced.

Lessons learned Strengthening participatory democracy and transparency in government leads to stronger institutions, which are then better placed to respond to the crisis of insurgencies.

This is true for countries across Africa and in other parts of the world. Being transparent about the corruption challenges that they face, and tackling them head-on, will strengthen the trust of the public in the Nigerian government and security forces, and help their ability to address the very real risks the country faces.

For any press enquiries please contact press transparency.See the 15 ways to tackle corruption in Nigeria. Here you will find the many definitions of corruption, types of corruption, causes of corruption, effects of corruption and ways to combat it.


Most parts of the world see Nigerians as “fantastically corrupt” to quote Mr. David Cameron the former Prime Minister of Britain. Nigeria’s government and its armed forces and police are mistrusted by the people – nine out of 10 people said the police were corrupt in the Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer and 45 per cent said the military was corrupt.

The article conceptualizes corruption into two major categories as well as explaining the importance of the perception of corruption.

write an article on corruption in nigeria images

The two major categories of corruption as stated in the article are everyday corruption which includes bribery to officials and business corruption which include state, business, and administrative corruption. Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong.

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write an article on corruption in nigeria images

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