Writing autocad script files

Using a few handy open source libraries, you can make your applications able to natively read DXF and DWG files on any operating system at no cost. In this article, you build a converter to translate these file formats into the more open ESRI shapefile or keyhole markup language KML formats. Few software applications can read this format, which is the default when saving files in AutoCAD.

Writing autocad script files

Customization might be done in order to satisfy personal preferences, meet company standards, or increase productivity. Whatever the purpose, customization is always worth the effort in the long run. Customization is a little like investing -- you spend a certain amount of time and effort early in the process in order to gain more accuracy, efficiency, and productivity over the long haul.

Below are eighteen different ways to customize AutoCAD. While this list is not exhaustive, it will give you a feel for the variety of customization methods available, and allow you to see where AutoLISP fits into the larger picture of AutoCAD customization.

These methods of customization are listed in order from simple to complex, but this order could be misleading. Naturally, there are levels of complexity within each of the methods, and different individuals will have different opinions about the complexity of any particular method, and where it should be placed in the list.

Nor does it mean that you should wait until you learn to use the earlier methods of customization before you attempt AutoLISP. There are some aspects of AutoLISP that are relatively simple; they writing autocad script files in complexity with items that appear earlier in the list such as scripts and abbreviations.

writing autocad script files

Screen appearance This includes many different items, such as cursor size, background color, number of lines in the command prompt area, circle resolution, colors assigned to various layers, etc.

Some of these settings are saved in the drawing, so that they are consistent whenever you edit that particular drawing.

Other settings are saved in the registry and can be saved in a user profile so that several users on the same system can each restore their own settings.

Toolbars Various toolbars can be placed on the screen, in different locations. And they can be customized to include only the commands you use most often. Selecting text fonts AutoCAD offers scores of commercial fonts as well as dozens of native AutoCAD fonts so you can tweak the appearance of the dimensions, notes, and other annotations in your drawings.

Increase your AutoCAD Productivity

Compare "Modifying or creating text font files" below. Scripts You can write scripts which automate a sequence of commands. By calling one script file, you execute in sequence all the AutoCAD commands listed in that file, including all the responses to the commands' prompts.

The script writing ability in AutoCAD is similar in concept to the macro writing ability found in many other software packages.

It is one of AutoCAD's earliest methods of customization, appearing in version 1. Many users assign one-letter and two-letter abbreviations to the commands they use most often. This allows them to access those commands just about as quickly as they can with on-screen toolbars.

PGP file so that you have access to various operating system commands and external programs right from the AutoCAD command prompt.

[Utility] SB3Utility (GUI + Script) Releases and Support Discussion

Pull-down menus It is possible to modify the menus that come with AutoCAD, moving commands from one menu section to another, or eliminating menu items you never use.

It is also possible to create brand new menus of your own. This allows you to streamline your interaction with the AutoCAD commands. Compare "Custom macros in menus" below. Customized help files You can add your own information to the existing help files, or create an entirely new system of help files.

Thus you can explain how to use an AutoCAD command in your particular discipline, specify your firm's design practices, or explain how to use the various features you have added to AutoCAD through scripts, external programs, AutoLISP, etc.

Viewports and viewpoints For 3D modeling, you can set up whatever viewports you want, and whatever viewpoints you like in each viewport.

writing autocad script files

Custom linetypes AutoCAD supplies many different non-continuous linetypes. But if your particular area of design requires something different, you can define your own linetypes and add them to AutoCAD's library of linetypes, or place them in a file holding your own specialized set of linetypes.

You can also define linetypes for the cartography mapping field which contain repeated in-line symbols, numbers, or text. Custom macros in menus Either by modifying the menus supplied with AutoCAD, or by writing your own menus, you can place macros in the menus to allow you to accomplish several steps with just one or two picks.

For example, with one menu pick you could select a pre-drawn block from disk, and with another pick you could locate the place in the drawing for the block to be inserted. The macro would automatically enter the folder and name of the block as well as its scaling factors and rotation angle and perhaps switch layers to place it on a predetermined layer.

Compare "Pull-down menus" above. Place custom information in the status line The AutoCAD status line at the bottom of the screen can contain whatever information you place in the modemacro system variable.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

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May 13,  · I have a excell-file full of coordinates and text info to those: 25 point pfix 26 point NB and so on.

I want to get those coordinates, number and info into autocad. Welcome to Lee Mac Programming. Custom Programming Services. Want to harness the power of custom programming to save your company countless hours of repetitive work? Editor's note: This article was originally published in May , and has been updated to include a few additional options.

CAD—computer-aided design or computer-aided drafting, depending on who you ask—is technology created to make it easier to create specifications for real-world objects.

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